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Our Materials


The leather we have chosen to use is an oil-finished leather, which is imbued with oils and waxes, giving the “waxy pull-up” effect and recognized mark of quality leather.  This leather honours its natural origin and is not coated with plastic glazes, stains or paints, but the wholesome patina of the skin shows through and is celebrated.  With age and use this leather will develop even more personality and individuality. 


The waxed cotton canvas we have sourced has a long history in the UK as being the first known water resistant fabric created. Similar fabrics are also used to make the iconic British country jackets which are so popular across the globe.  The particular fabric I have chosen is custom made for us.


The canvas is an 18oz (612 gsm) lightly waxed cotton, and the commercial water repellent finish provides a supple hand with water repellency.  The water repellent is not surface applied, instead the fabric is completely impregnated with the product. This process allows for a wider choice of bright colours, with the benefits of it being water resistant.



We are proud to use traditional Waterston's Sealing Wax in our packaging.  Waterston's Scottish Sealing Wax has been created with the same recipe for over 300 years. Each of the colours are hand blended, molded and polished.  This care produces deep hues, rich textures, and an overall high quality product.


We are pleased to recommend the use of Chamberlains Leather Milk to maintain your T.S. Prince & Company leather items. Leather Milk is an emulsion of natural oils and waxes and will nourish the leather and remove light scratches which appear from use. No need for buffing or polishing, just apply and let dry naturally. Chamberlains leather milk has a pleasant marzipan aroma, and is easily available at Amazon UK here.