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T.S. Prince & Company knife rolls are all made from hardwearing materials like oiled leather, waxed canvas and denim, and antiqued brass rivets and buckles, with no shortcuts. 

The design of the rolls means the knives are inserted BLADE IN, not handle in, like most other rolls. This means you need to take more care packing away your knives, but it totally removes the possibility of you slicing your hand on a forest of exposed blades. 

Some of our pockets are wide enough to accommodate a blade in a sheath, if that is your preference. Also, because each blade is in its own separate pocket, it is protected from rubbing against the other blades when the roll is buckled up. 
We use tough brass and copper rivets on our full leather rolls to secure the pockets of the bag, so you won't cut through any stitching with your blades. 
T.S. Prince & Company creates chefs’ knife rolls which are more practical, hardwearing and covetable than the existing offerings on the market. We use the best quality materials and processes, and each knife roll is individually handmade. 

The premise of these items is that they are built to be used frequently, and not only to withstand the demands of being used by a professional chef in a kitchen, but to actually acquire a patina as a result of this usage.  The fabrics are specifically chosen to withstand dirt better than a standard canvas knife roll, but still to retain the pleasing feel of a high quality material. Our knife rolls are built to be rugged, but with a highly professional finish, a fitting receptacle for the beautiful professional knives most chefs take such pride in. They are designed to be very practical and functional.
We have taken great care to source the finest materials available for our products, please see our Materials page for more information.
Please note that our knife rolls are made to order, and usually are delivered 3-6 weeks after the order is placed. Please enquire about current turn-around times for orders.