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About Us

Hi I'm Talia, the founder of T.S. Prince & Company.

I am a professional chef, and I have been working in the industry for the last ten years, most recently in a three Michelin star restaurant in the UK. I became frustrated when trying to find a knife roll to keep my chef's knives in that was both practical and beautiful. The available offerings either used low quality materials or tended to look more craft-orientated, which was simply not what I was looking for.  I also wanted a bag that would wear in, not out, and would look even better in years to come, from repeated use. Most knife rolls don't survive dirt well, and look shabby and dirty quickly.

Chef's tend to invest a great deal of money in buying high quality knives, as the tools of our trade. I find it ironic that we don't demand equally high quality when looking for what to store and transport them in. The knife rolls I have created aim to fill this gap, and considering the total value of a chef's full set of knives, I think it's a very justified investment. Each knife roll is individually handmade in Oxford, England.

I have been working on the development and fine-tuning of the design of these knife rolls for three years, to ensure they are the best kit possible. I continue to refine the design based on feedback from customers, constantly striving to improve the product. I have also researched the materials that I have selected, at length, to make sure they are the finest and best suited to this application.