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Unique Vintage Upcycled Knife Rolls

These knife rolls are made from unique pieces of vintage fabric, so each roll is one-of-a-kind. The fabrics used have patina, marks from age and wear, fraying and sometimes lettering or printing, and even two similar pieces could never be identical. Some examples of items we have repurposed for making these upcycled rolls are: vintage mail sacks, WW2 army kit bags and tents, turn-of-the-century French grain sacks, and RAF duffel bags. 

We supplement the fabric with the same oily pull-up leather as we use on our other knife rolls, and the antiqued brass hardware is custom made for T.S. Prince & Co.

Once made, each knife roll is photographed to show all its beautiful imperfections and unique patina as clearly as possible, and listed separately on the website. There is only ever one of each, so once its sold, its gone!