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Full leather aprons

These heavyweight aprons are made from our 4-5oz waxy pull-up leather, with soft cotton waist tie. We have added features we think are useful, considering our experience with wearing an apron on a daily basis! The neck strap is adjustable to get it to just the right height, and is made from a thick leather which sits comfortably and doesn't cut into your neck like the usual polyester neck straps.

We have added two handles at the bottom of the apron to lift it up when carrying lots of awkward small items (we all do this anyway, so might as well have handles to facilitate it!) 

There is plenty of pocket space for sharpies, pens, peeler etc, as well as loops for any item of your kit you need fast access to (we don't recommend you use this to hold a knife, due to the obvious safety risk). 

The thick leather will protect you even in front of a hot plancha, and will weather, soften and age the more it is used.

The soft cotton waist tie is long enough to accommodate most sizes, and wraps around to the front to tie, so you can hook your torchon through it at your hip.